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Awards and Testimonials

In 2008, Dimech Services, Inc. was awarded the prestigious STAR qualification from the Mechanical Contractors of America. Contractors that achieve MSCA STAR Qualified status belong to an elite group. Contractors in this group have verified that they uphold a strict code of business ethics, employ the best trained and most qualified workforce, maintain a safety record above the industry average, offer outstanding customer service and focus on continuing education and training for all employees. The STAR certification is proof that Dimech surpasses customer expectations and strives to be a leader in the HVACR and plumbing service markets.

At Dimech, Safety Comes First!

At Dimech Services Inc. we put a great amount of emphasis on the safety of our employees. Early in our history we developed an in-house safety committee to oversee the quality of our equipment and provide safety training for all employees, so that when they arrive at a job site they’re completely prepared and as well-protected and informed as possible. Many of our employees work at job sites every day, and as such overseeing their continued safety is extremely important. If a tool or a piece of equipment is being poorly maintained we attend to the problem at hand. If an employee might be put at risk by an outdated tool we’ll purchase a new model or a different, more beneficial tool entirely. We carefully examine any vehicles utilized by our employees during their service to make sure they are entirely safe. Overall, we work to ensure that every aspect of any particular job is as risk-free as possible. In the end, we take these measures because we value our employees tremendously, and our commitment to them has not gone unnoticed. In fact, Dimech Services has won several safety awards from the Mechanical Contractors Association of America.


At Dimech Services we work hard to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients. No matter how big or small the job might be we know how important it is to you. That’s why we handle each and every job we’re assigned with the same level of care and professionalism, the same way we’ve handled every job we’ve received since our founding in 1980. Since that time we’ve had many satisfied customers who have utilized our expertise and our wide array of services in diverse applications throughout Ohio and Michigan. Some of these customers have kindly left behind a few comments concerning the nature of their experience with Dimech.

Over the years, we have heard many positive comments from our customers about both our customer service and the quality of our workmanship.

Below, you will find just a few of these comments from our satisfied clients.

"They've been excellent; timeliness, service and workmanship have been excellent. Their overall workmanship has been impressive."

Terry Moebius, The Toledo Hospital
The Toledo Hospital has used Dimech services since 1982.

"The people at Dimech are very dependable. They are one of the most dependable groups around and they are extremely responsive. The quality of their workmanship is just phenomenal in both minor and major projects. They are also very fair and honest."

John Aleksander, Director of Buildings and Grounds Owens Community College
Owens Community College has utilized Dimech's services since 1980.

“I really appreciate the way you operate your company and always do the ‘right’ thing. Dimech is to me the ‘throw back’ company to the way things used to be. You make my job effortless.”

Rick Arnold, Shook Construction

We know you will be happy with the high-quality workmanship and customer service from Dimech Services as well. After you have used our services, drop us line so we can share your comments with other prospective clients. Email us or give us a call today and see how we can meet the needs of your upcoming job.