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On July 7th, 1980, James E. Sheahan founded Dimech Services Inc. Without any immediate work or clientele, its mission was defined by four simple principles:

  1. Do it right the first time.
  2. No project is too small as it is the customer’s largest problem.
  3. Stive for quality workmanship in both materials used and efficient use of time.
  4. Guarantee quick response to the needs of our customers.

Working in the industry since 1962, Jim spent almost twenty years learning all there was to know about mechanical contracting for both large and small projects. It was this knowledge and experience that laid the foundation for his success with Dimech. By Spring of 1981, Jim moved Dimech from an office trailer to a new building on Angola Road in Toledo. The business had grown a great deal within those months, and this trend would only continue from there. By 1983 business had amplified so much that Dimech was able to focus on much larger projects, working with schools, hospitals and large office buildings on a variety of projects. By 1986, Dimech once again had to move to better handle the increasing demand for their work. James E. Sheahan’s humble company had become a great success.

Comfortable in their new location, the company began offering a more diverse range of services. In 1990 an HVAC Service Department was added to better meet the needs of Dimech’s clients, who had requested such services many times in the past. In 1993 the company added an area for fabrication and expanded their shop. In 1997, Dimech remodeled, adding more office space as well as a workstation for blue prints. The company continues to be successful, earning the praise of customers across Ohio and Michigan. In 2008, Dimech was awarded the prestigious STAR qualification from the Mechanical Contractors of America, officially labeling Dimech as an elite contracting company. Earning a STAR qualification certainly isn’t easy. Your code of ethics must be strict, your employees must be well trained and highly qualified, you must have an immaculate safety record and your company’s customer service must be outstanding. Dimech is proud to meet all of these qualifications.

In 2012, founder James E. Sheahan passed away, leaving behind the rich and vital legacy that he had created. His sons, Ron and Roger, took his place at the helm of Dimech, overseeing the business’ day to day operations and ensuring that their father’s principles continued to be maintained at all times. Ron and Roger worked with their father for more than 25 years, and in that time he taught them a great deal about how an honest, trustworthy business should be run. When they took his place at Dimech, his sons did so with the intention of continuing the tradition of meticulous work and fantastic customer service that had defined Dimech from the very beginning, and they have more than accomplished their goal. Even as Dimech moves into the future we remember that it was Jim’s experience, philosophy and personal drive that made this company possible. Dimech has a wonderful history, and because of that it has a bright future ahead.